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School Goals


  1. Attendance Goal: 98% Attendance Rate
  2. Absence Goal: 0 Students missing 16 or more days
  3. Suspension Goal: 0%
  4. Power School Goal: 20 or fewer Power School Teacher Behavioral Referral entries daily
  5. Average Milestone and SBAAC Interim Assessment increase of 10%.
  6. Of approximately 80 English Learners at Prepa Tec, we should be able to reclassify 50%.
  7. 100% of student IEP goals met for the year.
  8. A school average of 10% quarterly growth with each milestone assessment, as compared to the baseline assessments, in each content area.
  9. ELA SBAC(Smarter Balance Consortium) Goal:
    • Minimal Goal: 28% Meet Standards, 16% Exceed Standards
    • Optimal Goal: 60% of all students meeting or exceeding the standards
  10. MATH SBAC (Smarter Balance Consortium) Goal Grade 8:
    • Minimal Goal: 24% Meet Standards, 19%Exceed Standards
    • Optimal Goal: 60% of all students meeting or exceeding the standards
  11. BIG IB GOAL: A fully authorized International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program

Related IB Goals:

  1. At least 75% of all units are written, taught, assessed as MYP units of study
  2. 100% of teachers use IB MYP rubrics for assessments and a conversion chart to enter traditional grades in PowerSchool
  3. All students will earn at least a 4 on the MYP rubrics of 1-8. They will either
    maintain or increase their achievement levels.
  4. 80% of students will demonstrate increased achievement levels in IB MYP rubrics – at least 1 Achievement Level or more by the end of the year
  5. At least 2 peer observations per teacher per year
  6. 100% of classrooms, hallways, offices, and buses visibly show that PTLAMS is an
    MYP school